Saturday, 9 October 2010

Summer is back!!

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so the forecast was stunning, 20+ degrees, sunshine! danger of melanoma,stock up on factor 50! last sunny weekend of the year!! it autumn and it feels like it, i'll let them have the fact that it's warm, hovering around 18 degrees but it's breezy, damp, grey and overcast, still the riding is still good, back to the flat of Warwickshire, very very muddy in places, could do with some frost to harden stuff up!
circular ride including a trip to thebikeyard where i picked up some loverly castelli kneewarmers to replace the ones i trashed on the tree in the last ride
ride 108
21 miles
total 1396

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coastkid said...

agree!, we were around Wanlockhead today north of Drumalrig and it was toasty then around 5 pm the temp dropped...reminding us its October!