Friday, 22 April 2016

back on the road again

feeling reasonably good, i only cough when i stop now, so i don't stop! 30 miles was my goal on some flat smooth roads and even though the wind picked up on the way home it was fairly plain sailing and good to get some decent distance back into the legs, hopefully i'll recover normally from this one! 
ride 45
34 miles
total 974

the comeback part 2

Bit more progress with the cold recovery today and riding a bit further afield, saw this cafe on tripadvisor and swung rounf to check it out, only seems to open until 1230 saturdays and not at all sunday, not ideal for NWAlps rides, pity as it's at a quite nice location near our regular routes
ride 44
15 miles
total 940

well, that all went pear shaped rather quickly, lets fast forward a week!

I woke up the day after the last ride shivering and sweating profusely, full on fever and man-flu. I spent the entired day on the sofa feeling light crap. even my skin felt weird to the touch and hyper sensitive. I would be a full week before I felt well enough to swing a leg over a bicycle again.
With a hacking cough that i can't seem to shift (suspect it's in conjunction with my grass pollen allergy) I thought it best to not venture far today and by yhe end of the 6 miles i felt wasted and spent 15 minutes coughing. not fun but even though i felt bad it was no where near as bad as a week ago so I'll take that as a win!
ride 43
6 miles
total 931

Bluebell heaven

feeling much better I joined the Saturday ride on a sojurn over to Clent to show the guys the new trails Dan had spotted. half the day was glorious sunshine, still feeling my cold a bit i took it easy and soft pedalled at the back and took a rest on the waltonberg, best not to overdo things. the second half of the ride after breakfast got duller in the weather sense but just as entertaining in the riding sense, the muddiness was challenging and the stream bed climb was tough on my lungs, the drizzle falling from the sky at various times didn't help and by the time i got home I was shattered, hungry and feeling a sore throat beginning to niggle.
the Bluebells were outstanding though!
ride 42
23  miles
total 925

returning to form

Back is improved, proof that keeping it moving does work, my cold though continues to stink, the NWAlps countryside is now awash with my mucoid offerings.
ride 41
20  miles
total 902

Thursday, 14 April 2016

NWAlpsCC Jerseys

 special edition jerseys available, here's a word from Dan..

Hi all, We've got the final designs back for our jerseys. I need to get an idea of roughly who is interested in ordering and what they are after. The prices can vary quite dramatically so the more we order the better deal we all get! The roadie style "core jersey" could cost from £47 - £58 and the MTB tech top from £33 - £43 (its available in both long and short sleeve.) The quality of the stuff is really good and we know a few people who have ordered from them and are very happy. If you could reply with what you are interested in and the amount, then I will be able to quote more accurate prices.
e.g. roadie x 1 MTB x 1.
Ordering will be via an online shop set up for us, so it will be less hassle and they'll be no need to go around collecting cash off everyone

Friday, 8 April 2016

not going to plan

After a very frustrating week I was finally out on my bike today. I've had a cold since Monday and was very sensible and kept off the bike, the fact that it was either really windy or raining or both didn't make that too hard a decision . but it was frustrating as I'm also on holiday from work! Plans of long rides in the sunshine have been scuppered.
Today, feeling better, my right eye doesn't now leak snot/fluid when i sneeze i thought a nice gentle bike ride would be in order as the sun was shining. But somehow, i think lifting bikes in the store room has aggravated by suspect back and I'm now in full on limp and twinge mode. not wanting to twist it more but still needing to move it i did little off road riding and mainly kept to tarmac. not the ideal end to a holiday, hopefully tomorrow will see improvement
ride 40
12 miles
total 882

the non more fat ride

after a week of skinny tyred action it was back to the fat bikes today and we had a full complement. the trails were back to square one, wet and greasy after the rain, the only bonus was that "bus stop" is now back to it's side ways, both wheels locked up best. progress was hindered by the above branch, I wondered why i couldn't roll the rear wheel over the log!
ride 39
21 miles
total 870

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bourneville Food Festival

Russ and I pedalled to the Bournevill Food Festival at Rowhill Pavillion today. I've been to a few of these type of things and you usually find a large area full of varied home made foods and drinks encompasing all the food groups, real ales and ciders. However this wasn't the case today, there were about 6 street food vendors, a stall selling whisky, one for wine, cheese and an indoor bar and that was it, all very well done and organised but maybe I've been spoiled by the Alcester and the Leamington festivals so i felt a little disappointed by the turnout. We had a pulled pork burger which was very nice but after eating it there wasn't a lot to do or see so we rejoined the canal and rode into Birmingham for a beer. Despite a long wait to be served (the barman was using his phone, not very successfully to add up someone else's bill and kept deleting it and starting again) the Davenport's Birmingham Bitter  was excellent. It wasn't until we turned for home that we realised why it had been so pleasant a roll into the city, the wind had been behind us then and now we were forcing our way into it and it was tough going. my legs after the weeks activities and riding yesterday were pretty wasted byt he time i got home.
ride 38
26 miles
total 849

recovery ride

Good to stretch tired legs and arms and Ben's first visit to Lizzie's tea room, but the evil cold head wind wasn't welcome at all!
ride 37
12 miles
total 823