Sunday, 10 July 2016


My legs were not good today, i could barely hang on to two hungover fellow riders on the hills, not a good omen for the upcoming 24hr race. However the downhill bits were fun and fast, I showed Dan and Ian stuff they hadn't ridden before and it seemed to go down well. trails were drier than i was expecting but the bridle path up to walton hill was a soul destroying as i was expecting. marmalade toast at the cafe didn't boost my energy and neither did the coffee at the new cafe in Aston fields. ho hum, better do more riding and try to improve.
ride 78
25  miles
total 1641

mid week day off

New job means working saturdays but the bonus is having a day off in the week and having the trails and cafes to myself!. riding empty trails and sitting in the sun is what it's all about!. I've even started this years cycling twat tan
ride 77
35  miles
total 1616

stress free

 started a new job this week and this is the first ride for a very long time that i've done just because i wanted to do it rather than because i needed to de-stress. it feels a helluva lot better!
18 miles
total 1581

Hangover ride

I had a garden party last night and felt quite the worse for wear today, not my most stellar performance but fun on the mainly dry trails all the same.
16 miles
total 1563


57 fat bikers invade the Forest of Dean, they make a lot of noise and widen the trails. trails that were fairly treacherous with lots of damp off camber roots but still were a whole lot of fun. 57 bikers in one group is too many whatever the size of tyre and queues soon formed at the start of any bit of singletrack. the proposed 20 mile ride got cut short to 13 just because it took so long to do the latter. but it was great fun, there were no egos and everyone was friendly and chatty. the post ride beer and BBQ were great and, if the ride was broken into a few smaller groups i'd be back for the next one 
13 miles
total 1547

looking up

Probably not the outcome we were looking for yesterday but the sun still shines, the day still begins and ends and we have to make the best of it
13 miles
total 1534

polling day

whatever way you vote, make sure you vote!
13 miles
total 1521

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

water great ride

I've not ridden this route for a while and forgot how they had painted the water tower, closely matching the colour of my frame. the chubby tyres worked well through the Lickeys, over Waseley and then a tarmac run. the tyres and great off road but as you'd expect are draggy and loud on tarmac
17 miles
total 1508


I finally got my 27.5+ wheels built and tyres delivered. I even got the rear tyre to go up tubeless! The wheels were intended to go on the Cotic Solaris but just out of interest i tried them in the Singular Swift frame not really expecting them to fit but they do! so a quick swap of brake rotors and cassette and i was off for a test ride. as per the full fat bike the chubby (3") tyres are very pressure sensitive and will take some time to dial in the correct psi. but first impressions are good and i might use this bike for an upcoming 24hr race.
18 miles
total 1491

just one more

in a effort to avoid the deep mud in the woods after the recent rain we stuck to lowland bridle paths, tarmac and towpath, a short ride was planned but just grew with "just one more trail"
ride 69
27 miles
total 1473