Sunday, 4 October 2015


Well, the lack of energy in the last ride is now revealed. I've felt rubbish all week, always seemingly on the edge of getting a full blown cold but never quite getting there. slight sore throat, sinus pain but no cough or runny nose. I just felt like i had the fever that goes with a cold but without the traditional accompaniments. So on the eve of a big ride that has been planned for ages I thought it would be best to go a out and test how i feel. It's been very frustrating not being able or not feeling like riding as I've missed all the great weather we've been having.
On a positive note though I rode ten miles without stopping at a fairly good pace and felt ok. So tomorrow at approx  four times this distance will be interesting
ride 127
10 miles
total 2244
commute 523

Slow cycling

Got dropped in Stratford today and rode home. Felt like it was the slowest ride I'd ever done, no energy. I'd eaten and felt ok health wise but just didn't have any oomph. It was a lovely day though, we seem to be experiencing an Indian summer, long may it continue!
ride 126
23 miles
total 2234
commute 523

No green ham in Ham Green

a ride in day light for once. there are some odd road and village names around here but I've seen Ham Green in a few areas around the country, be interesting to find out the history behind it
ride 125
20 miles
total 2211
commute 523

quick spin

the nights are getting earlier or the days shorter, it's now more important than ever to get out there and make the most of the last bits of daylight after work. For ride no though I'm fitting lights just in case i go for a longer one or there's a problem and i have to stop and fix it. I't certainly long sleeves time too as the temperature drop as the sun sets is dramatic
ride 124
13 miles
total 2191
commute 523

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Rugby World Cup

riding 35 miles on a fat bike then only eating a sandwich followed by 15 miles on the same bike after eating 2 slices of bread isn't the smartest idea. I was empty and lacking energy at the end of this ride. I got 3 personal best times on segments on Strava though which surprising.
fuel the ride kids!
ride 123
15 miles
total 2178
commute 505

coming full circle

Most of my riding used to be on Sundays, but lately it's been much more convenient to do the big ride on a Saturday. Generally this has an excellent side effect. Saturdays on the trails are a lot quieter and if you get caught without food the shops are open! although they are a lot busier as all those not on the trails are shopping or doing family stuff.
Today I rode to Warwick via the canal system and visited where this blog you are reading began in 2010. This very field is where i took my first photo, i was 5 years younger and 3 st heavier.The idea was to motivate myself to exercise and get back into a reasonable fitness after illness. So far i think it's working, I may have bored the pants of those who have dipped in and read the rubbish I write but I hope in some small way I've inspired someone else just to turn a pedal and see some of the things I do whilst riding.
There aren't many routes in Warwick but this is one of my favourites, for the significance mentioned above and for the views and feeling of remoteness you get even though "civilisation" is very near by. You also get to see Kenilworth castle!
I also always go and window shop in Mike Vaughan cycles and today the fat bike became centre of attention there, I was invited in and a small crowd gathered around it, comparing it to the Specialized Fatboy they had in the showroom. They were impressed with the weight and the amount of mud on it "nice to see one being well used" was one comment!
As an end of ride treat I pedalled further on to Leamington Spa to meet @charlotteTCR for the most humongous piece of cake! Some things change but i hope riding (and cake!) isn't one (two?) of them
ride 122
35 miles
total 2163
commute 505

all downhill from here

 a quick ride to forget the stresses of the day, I did think about riding over Waseley, but in the end I really couldn't be bothered, it was that sort of day. Instead I just went and played in the woods. I built a little slalom course and just messed about on some downhills, virtually sitting on the rear wheel at times. Nothing technical, just steep, loamy and fun. A great mind clearing session ready for the following days onslaught.
ride 121
11 miles
total 2128
commute 505

Hanging On

Dan seemed to be on a bit of a mission tonight, either that or he was late for his tea, I had to bite the bullet and try to stay on his wheel for nearly the whole ride, great for fitness but i was breathing hard, gritting my teeth and ignoring the pain from my legs for a lot of it. The one breather we had though was enhanced by a great sunset. it's definitely the "don't forget to fit your lights" time of year now, Autumn may not be knocking on the door yet but it's definitely opened the garden gate and is walking up the path
ride 120
18 miles
total 2117
commute 505

cutting back

No, not the riding! but the foliage, after a mild but fairly damp summer many of the route we use have become very over grown with briars, brambles and stingers. All of these can ruin your ride, with at the mild end a tingly arm or leg through torn clothing to significant blood loss.
Dan stepped up to the mark armed with either the smallest pair of secateurs in the country or massive hands! and like a luggage bearer with a machete cut his way through the jungle and made the everyone elses ride a much more pleasant experience. Maybe we should call him Monty (Don) from now on?
ride 119
15 miles
total 2099
commute 505

Saturday, 12 September 2015

the lost keys ride

Things were all arranged to meet Dan for an after work ride and a beer. I got home in plenty of time before the meet and thought I'd get the bike out ready....hmm, can't find the keys, oh well, time to check all the pockets of clothes i was wearing when i put the bike luck, ok, maybe they'd fallen into the shoe rack under the place where we keep the keys. no, not there either, bugger! It didn't matter how many times i looked in exactly the same places i'd looked before "rolls eyes" the keys still weren't there. So last resort I txt @charlottetcr to see if she knew where they were...hoping she'd taken the keys to work by mistake and... phew she had! panic over, googling lock smiths could stop but unfortunately so could my MTB ride with Dan, i had toi resort to riding the road bike which just happened to be in the house. So to make the most of it i decided to do the Feckenham ride and go hard on all the uphill bits. This paid off according to Strava with 8 Personal records! my legs were painful by the end but nearing home I got a txt inviting me for a Belgian beer or two at the local cafe, rude not to i thought. the ride home was much less painfull after that!
ride 118
9 miles
total 2084
commute 505