Sunday, 17 May 2015

Angel on one shoulder, Devil on the other

Ok, 3 hours after the ride in the previous post i gave into the devil on my shoulder. The weather was too nice, the breeze too gentle and the woods were full of bluebells at their very peak. I rode a big loop trying to pack in as much different terrain as possible. I also experienced a very loud creaking bottom bracket or crank, I wasn't sure which, so rather than carry on as it was getting worse i made my way home, Firstly trying to tighten the cranks had no effect, neither did checking the tightness of the bottom bracket cups. Changing the bottom bracket changed nothing, very puzzling, pedal threads got greased too, stick loud creaking. Then it tried the rear wheel quick release...tightened it...and cured the problem, no more creak, typical!
Pleased yet frustrated at the vagaries of bicycle mechanics i finished the ride with a further 10 mile loop.
I had a little discomfort from my ribs and more the morning after but there is definately light at the end of the tunnel.
ride 58
25 miles
total 949
commute 251

Saturday, 16 May 2015

cafe culture

i wanted to do a long ride today but for once I was sensible and took it easy hoping recovery will be quicker and i can get back to full fitness sooner. So, coffee and cake in the sunshine whilst trying not to feel guilty about not riding far on a lovely day
ride 57
6 miles
total 924
commute 251

Progress report

I'm improving, during the day at work the only pain i get is when i bend or stretch for things and if i inhale too deeply. so it was with some optimism I road up to the woods tonight for a progress report. All went well until i attempted to pull up on the handle bars to clear a fallen tree. In fact i couldn't pull up with out feeling my ribs tightening and pulsing with pain. Even kerbs were a struggle and As i write this the day after i can tell you it feels like ive taken a step back in my recovery
ride 56
17 miles
total 916
commute 251

no, this is a big tyre!

My ribs are recovering, and as I found out tonight as long as i stick to smooth tarmac the pain is manageable. However, even the gentlest of off road trails immediately jars the ribs and is very very uncomfortable.
I found this tyre a long way from a road, someone has had to roll it a very long way from the nearest road to dump it
ride 55
18 miles
total 899
commute 251

post crash blues

inevitably the injuries sustained in the last ride have made the last few days a struggle. Sleep was fitful as i couldn't find a comfortable position and the numerous scabs and scrapes have stuck to the sheets. But most of all, as predicted my ribs are the real issue. This ride was a test, a short ride to the shops. It was not a success, it's going to take more time.
 ride 54
7 miles
total 881
commute 251

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

lying around

I hate lying around, i hate lying in the middle of the road too, but what i hate even more is sliding along the road leaving skin embedded in the tarmac. It's never voluntary and this occasion wasn't either. As I picked myself up from the ground I noticed my left hand crank lying a few feet from where the bike came to rest. No wonder there had been a sudden feeling of nothing being under my left foot as i was launched onto the asphalt. Luckily nothing was broken, bits were bleeding though and luckily i had two mates to get me out of the road, dust me down and attempt to get the bike ridable again.
shame really as up until then it had been a great chilled out ride, avoiding the bank holiday  crowds and making the most of the sunshine, Dan got airborne and Ian didn't get a puncture.I got cuts, bruises and a set of pulled muscles in my ribs, safe in the knowledge, given my history of rib injuries that the next few days are going to be painful
ride 53
17 miles
total 874
 commute 233

Sunday, 3 May 2015

return of the ben

 Due to work pressures Ben doesn't come out to play often these days which is a great shame as even though it's been literally months since he last threw a leg over his bike he hasn't lost his touch whatsoever and was soon airborne. He gets the most out of his "flickable" hardtail and we spent a few hours doing some of the best trails locally. We managed to shoehorn in a cake stop and a couple of beers too, well, we don't see him often so might as well make it an even more special occasion
ride 52
17 miles
total 857
commute 233

bluebell surfing

it's definitely the peak of the bluebell season now and combine this with the dry "buff" trails and things on this ride were pretty much perfect. Only running out of daylight made me head for home, evenings like this are to be cherished as they don't happen often. If you could bottle and preserve a ride to uncork and enjoy on a hideous day in winter this would be it
ride 51
17 miles
total 840
commute 233

empty head

this was definitely a stress relieving ride tonight. I've been doing my civic duty and attending court for jury service and I needed to clear my head from the serious business of the day. this worked up to a point but concentrating for that long completely knackered me out so my performance really wasn't how it should have been. Exercise after sitting on my backside for 7 hours was a great tonic though
ride 50
18 miles
total 823
commute 233

the without cake ride

A couple of guys on todays ride had limited time so it was foot to the pedal and try to pack as much as possible into it. we even forsook the traditional cake stop in order to experience the not often seen dryness of Pepper wood and the Dodford bridle path. Then we dropped down into the valley and took on Grimley Lane, where we were shown up on the climb by a guy on a BMX!
ride 49
28 miles
total 805
commute 233