Monday, 26 September 2016

hunting the scarecrow

8 of us met at the church and within 1 mile we were down to 6 but the hardcore hunters were ready for the trek into scarecrow country, between us we knew a route that would keep us under our prey's radar, keep us fed and with enough technicality to stay alert.
a round-a-bout route around waseley keeping hidden on an ancient stream bed brought us to the final climb to the top of clent. here. things got serious. every field we passed had the potential to contain an early warning scarecrow that could message ahead to the big gathering and tip them off of our approach. put we progressed well and even a slick water pipe trap that had been set for us failed to halt our progress but it did almost catch me out.
as we entered the village it was soon evident that the scarecrows were using human shields to confuse us, we had to carefully navigate this sea of humanity risking the use of bells to disperse them. then suddenly we were surrounded, the hunters had become the hunted!
we turned tail with only thoughts of survival in our minds, luckily Kris knew a secret way out of the village and we made our way across field egdes and loose muddy bridleways and eventually sightings of the enemy became fewer until we reached the border of their territory and safety.
ride 97
30 miles
total 2138

Saturday, 24 September 2016

how fast can you run?

can you get across the field in 15 seconds? 'cause the bull can do it in 16! it's a sure way to get a Strava PR!
ride 96
41 miles
total 2108

Candle power

I'd heard that there had been a fire locally, thankfully no one was injured but the news photos were quite impressive so I pootled down to have a look. the factory unit recycled wax and this made for a surreal landscape in the aftermath. the metal part of the building had melted and collapsed in, the huge blocks of wax had melted and flowed downhill encasing everything in its path, including a fork lift truck, trees and the entrances to other businesses. there was a constant stream of sightseers so I didn't linger and continued my ride back home via the intervals of the upper part of the canal
ride 95
15 miles
total 2067

no Leaf and bean to be seen

another route through the Warwickshire and Worcestershire countryside, this time I'd planned to ride to Cheltenham and back via Tewksbury. However the wind today was horrendous. i think 50 miles of this route was straight into it. Head winds sap your energy and i felt it wise to cut the ride shorter than i'd planned. I went via Evesham, winchcombe and Broadway in a loop hoping that the change of direction would lessen the wind.
feeling very hungry i stopped off at "leaf and Bean" in Broadway. i stopped in the courtyard under the sign that said "please take a seat and we'll be out to take your order in a few minutes" this was next to the "CCTV"  sign. i presumed my arrival was shown on some sort of scren. i waited 5 minutes. It was just after lunchtime and suspecting they were probably busy i left my bike and walked over to the cafe and stood in the doorway. it is only small and i was passed by at least 2 staff at least twice. no one spoke to me even though i was an obsticle to their passage. i gave them the benefit of the doubt and presuming i wasn't invisible again presumed they'd spotted me and would be out to take my order. sadly this wasn't the case and my table which could have been laden with a mutlitude of delights remained barren. i got fed up and i was starving so left insearch of some basic service and sustinance. boith of which Leaf and Bean failed to provide.
ride 94
68 miles
total 2052

racing to the end

another stratford ride today, this time from home with a little cyclocross on the way. we;; CX spectating in the local woods. Much to high intensity for me but the riders are very skilled keeping upright on the technical course in pitcheroak woods.
a lot of road on this route but as unsuitable as the 29 plus bike might look it's actually very comfortable and although it's never going to achieve as high an average speed as a road bike it does speed along quite briskly.
a bit of greenway, avoiding a dubious looking crash between a cyclist and a dog walker (they said they were ok) and a trip though the ford at Coughton were the highlights and i got home with a satisfying ache in my legs
ride 93
68 miles
total 1984

one way traffic

Dropped off in the Bard's home for lunch with just a ride home to cope with was just the job. a ride through the lanes with minimal traffic riding on auto pilot as i know the route so well was both a destress and uplifitng experience. solo riding is often like that, time to think, time to reflect, time to plan ahead. all too soon and i'm back on my road and once again slipping back into reality...sometmes i just want to keep on riding just staying one pedal revolution ahead of real life
ride 92
21 miles
total 1916

paws for thought

dog walking duties today, in the middle of a ride of course. 
ride 91
21 miles
total 1895


Dan and I were out for an after work ride and it turned out to be a "let's just see where that goes kinda ride. A bridleway sign and a little following of the nose brought about a route that was interesting, field edges and dry stream beds of polished pebbles. not a route for the winter as i suspect it'd be a definate waterproof sock situation, one to use now while we can.
ride 90
15 miles
total 1874

Sunday, 28 August 2016

tarmac rumble

tough ride for me today, hanging onto wheels and grovelling off the back, 23 strava PRs mean the other guys must have been flying and i've got a long way to go to reach the fitness level i had before my accident.
maybe i should cut back on the cake....
ride 89
37 miles
total 1859

over grown men ride over grown bikes on over grown trails

retracing the Fat FoD ride we did back in June and adding our own bits we got ripped to bits on trails that have seen a lot of growth in the intervening weeks, it was however great fun even if once again my fitness let me down and the jarring of the trail took its toll on my injury. Dan and ian were flying, i was hanging on to their wheels some of the time and getting dropped the rest of it. the only was is up!
 ride 88
19 miles
total 1822