Friday, 28 April 2017

I've always wanted a BMX

I've always wanted a BMX since my Dad told me i was too tall for one when i was 10, he bought me a 5 speed "racer" instead. It never happened, i grew up, discovered cars and girls and drifted away from riding until my early 30's when i remounted a bike when MTBs became popular. But i never stopped wanting a BMX.
People told me i was too old for BMX in my 30's, but the reason for not getting one was a mortgage and self employment, money was tight and i spent lots on MTBs. But i never stopped wanting a BMX.
I've been to loads of BMX jams from back in the day until now and marvelled at how the riders make it look so smooth. I've no illusion or rose tinted shades view that i'd be any where near as skillful as those guys and girls but I never stopped wanting a BMX.
I had a brief flirtation with a riding buddies BMX, one that was far too small for me, it was great but twitchy, clearly the wrong bike for me but it didn't stop me wanting a BMX.
So, now in my 50's i got the chance of a great deal on a BMX which is the right size at a great price and specced as i want it, so finally after 40+ years of wanting a BMX i BOUGHT A BMX!
everyone said i was too old, that i'd fall off and injure myself. well i did fall off and injure my wrist, so they are probably right, but fuck them, I HAVE A BMX!!
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lighter in light

sometimes the shortest ride can be just as good as a day long epic. today's ride was. After work riding in the evenings that are now getting lighter for longer is ideal as the woods are empty of people and all the trails are running fast and fun, it'll also only get better for a couple of months. time to ride!
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Wyre forest part 2 normal conditions resumed

Last time we were here we were looking for shade to ride in as it was so hot, this time we were looking for shelter from the drizzle. the same buff trails were ridden but thus time they had a greasy layer all over them and things were slower and much more technical. i will say though that they were no less enjoyable. this was probably because we were all used to riding in conditions like this.
Russ didn't have such a bad fall on this ride so it must suit him better too.
we rode some old favourite routes and some of the new ones from the last time we were here. we even fitted in cake and a post ride beer. if it had been dry it would have been off the scale.
at least we know it's going to get better as the warmer months progress
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16 miles
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inflation situation brings realisation

I've got a new rear wheel!, it now matches the front in all but the fact that the tyre didn't stay inflated over night, seems like i need to redo my rim tape. so i thought i'd take out the adventure bike instead, as i extricated it from the store i noticed it had a flat front tyre, inflation fail two! so i took the plus bike out instead.
I've not ridden this bike for ages and today's ride made me realise i don't need it. it's not one thing or the other, it does not excel at any one thing. it doesn't have the grip of a fat tyre, it doesn't roll as well as a 29er.
anyone want to buy some 27.5+ rims?
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crispy creme supreme

If you are not out riding now then you need to get out there ASAP, it'd not been this dry since last mid summer, i can guarantee it won't last. the trails are dusty, the leaf litter is crispy, the grip on the trails is incredible. get out there now!
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Summer time and the riding is easy..

1st ride at the Wyre Forest this year and it couldn't have been better, hot sun, dusty trails, it was like summer!
there is nothing better than following the rider in front and having dust flick up from their wheel rather than mud. Ian showed us some new trails and i think 75% of the whole ride i'd not ridden before. when a trail is almost 2 miles long, all single track with drops, g-outs, sinuous climbs, off camber sections, root gardens, stream crossings and narrowness it's always going to be good. add in the dry conditions and it becomes the perfect trail. throw in the odd water fall and it starts to become unbelievable, like you've made it up in your head to be the perfect trail.
I can't emphasise how good this day was, short sleeves and knees out at the beginning of April in the UK? it's almost a freak occurrence.
the only downer was a crash by Russ, one minute he was on my back wheel and the next time i looked back he was nowhere to be seen. we stopped at a fallen tree and scanned the woods for him. i saw a wheel sticking up and knew he was down. I ran back and helped him out of the stream where he'd fallen. luckily he was ok, bruised and muddied he got back on the bike (after we had checked it over) and resumed the ride.
if only, apart from Russ's incident all rides could be this good.
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Bus Stop delinquents

Tuesday nights are made for riding,
drizzle, yep
mud, yep
mates, yep
smiles, yep
banter, yep
pushing the limits, not really but who cares!
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I've gone gravel

intrigued by the new fangled "gravel" bikes i thought i'd have a go at converting my 29er hard tail to one. which meant swapping the tyres for some 35mm CX rubber. these feel quite odd as the rims they are now mounted to are also 35mm in width. i've also had to change the gearing slightly as the 32T chainring i had on meant i was almost always on the 13 or 11 tooth sprocket. I've now fitted thos 36T chainring which gives me a much higher gear without having to sacrifice the lower gears.
so far s good, the bike rolls well but i still have the option of some mild off road too. i'm looking forward to doing some exploring on this bike
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19 miles
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oh, that's not good

I wish i'd noticed this at the start of the ride, i might not have thrown myself down some of the things i did if i'd seen the frayed cable, especially as it was the front brake cable, oh dear!
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28 miles
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More Forest fun

I had to pop to Slam69 a very fat bike friendly shop in Gloucestershire so it was too good an oportunity to miss not to go ride in the Forest  of Dean for a few hours. this being a friday the extra bonus was that the forest was just about empty so i was able to session trails, ride them, then ride back up the wrong way and do them again. i pretty much followed the way marked parts with a bit of trail finding too, all in all a great few hours riding in the sunshine.
ride 24
15 miles
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