Tuesday, 5 October 2010

2 falls but no submission

365/279 5/10/10
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3 riders, 4 falls, 2 for me one each for Matt and Stu

no thanks to waffle soles (stu) and the comment "it'll be me that falls off" self prophesization (is that even a word??) from Matt, who promptly fell off trying to mount his Maverick and to trees lying on the trail which ripped my kneewarmer and cut my leg open :-(

thanks to 16 degrees and dry weather

bit of a contrast to fast flowing scottish trails, the locals hills are a gloopy mess and so a slightly different challenge, especially in the dark
ride 107
8 miles
total 1375


coastkid said...

loving niteriding this year more than ever!

Rocketdog said...

i'm quite looking forward (although i'll probably regret saying this) to the frosty clear nights, it was sooo warm last night, heat management was the biggest problem

coastkid said...

just seen your thread on STW RE your fall and replyed...but not like some of the c**ks on there!,
happy mending!