Sunday, 3 October 2010

it's not the length, it's the quality

so 27 miles in two days, not a great deal if it was in the flat lands of home, but add a bit of gradient and it's a different proposition and sprinting between corners on the downhill is fun but knackering and then because it's so fun the little boy inside your head shouts again again! losing front wheel traction on a speedy bend trying desperately to catch your buddy infront brings giggles when you realise you got away with it, you back off for a corner, then think feck it and put the power down again, yea!! yea!! big grins and arm pump!
oh and i fitted a granny ring but didn't ever use it, thank you a-pic-a-ride for the fitness
ride 106
14 miles
total 1367


kate said...

not using the granny in scotland, brilliant stuff :)
i've yet to ride there, must make more of an effort.

Rocketdog said...

actually you'd be fine on your SS at Glentress i recon, you do harder stuff in the peaks etc