Friday, 1 January 2016

645 down

 well here I am at the last ride of the year. it's been a really disappointing one as far as mileage goes. The curse of the fat bike I expect. there haven't been many rides that didn;t happen on any other bike than the fat wheeled one and I think this has greatly contributed to my rubbish total. A 10 mile ride on the fatty probably takes as much effort as a 15 mile on an ordinary bike and also takes longer. The rides have been good fun though, there has definitely been quality over quantity. However 645 miles less than last year is really annoying me.
So with issues away from cycling also affecting my time to ride it's been a very poor year, here's hoping 2016 is much improved.
ride 155 
23 miles
total 2727 
commute 649

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