Friday, 1 January 2016

first ride

relief at reaching the highest point of the ride
so this is the first blog of 2016 and it was a great start to the year. five of us rode from Lickey, over Waseley and up to Clent for a cafe stop and to meet Bruce from Mudhugger. I can't say conditions were pleasant because they were sticky, slidey and treacherous with many tumbles, a trip over the bars and a sense of not actually being in control for most of the ride. There were also a number of stiff climbs too. Sounds pretty awful  doesn't it? but in fact there were a lot of grins too and it was a great way to start the 2016 riding campaign.
this year there will be a change to this blog and I will be going for quality rather than quantity. There will still be a photo and mileage from every ride but the descriptions will be short unless i really have something to write that could interest someone. I'm doing this to take away the hassle of thinking of something to write for over (hopefully) 150 entries and to cut down on the banality!
lets see how it goes.
ride 1
23 miles
total 23

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