Saturday, 13 June 2015


 It's @charlotteTCR's birthday weekend and she decided she wanted to spend it at her folks place on the borders of Worcs/Warks and also ride bikes! so we packed the car up, drove over, dumped our clothes for the weekend and went straight out for a pub ride. Lovely weather (if a bit windy) and a country pub beer garden, to be honest it felt like my birthday too! Great beer, a benck in the sunshine and a defibrillator machine if it all went wrong! this pub had everything. It also applied a little of the "beer magic" that meant riding back into a headwind didn't trouble us at all and the return journey didn't seem to take half as long as the outward lap and given the fact it was mostly up hill it proves that beer is performance enhancing!...maybe.
ride 73
11 miles
total 1222
commute 306

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