Thursday, 9 April 2015

steering woes

Apart from having something to rest your hands on  it was pointless having handle bars on the bike today. They were of little value, the mud was so sticky it even clogged the fat bike's tyres and cornering was like being part of a comedy act. Turn left or right and the bike went straight ahead, lean over and the front wheel slips from under you and only plunging your foot deep into the mud stopped a trip into the sodden undergrowth minus the bike. It was bllody good fun though.
Ant came with us on today's ride, the last one he'd  managed had ended painfully with a shoulder injury on a patch of ice, it was great to see him gradually regain his confidence with every mile that passed
Ride 40
22 miles
total 620
commute 173

1 comment:

Shotokan Cyclist said...

A very enjoyable ride - glad to be back on the mud!