Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Pedalling practice

There's a 45 mile through the Forest of Dean in May so today was a "can we do that distance" ride. from home to Worcester and back by a different way, a lot of it off road. We can't simulate the gradients and technicality of the terrain in the FoD but the fact that there's barely any respite from tuning the pedals because there's hardly any downhill bits must be a comparable factor. there'll be a lot more coasting in the forest along with the extra climbing so things should balance out, Actually, who are we kidding? it's going to be hard! and that's if it stays dry, a wet 45 miles on muddy terrain is a kind of hell i really don't want to experience.
oh and a mid ride beer probably isn't performance enhancing.
ride 43
45 miles
total 706
commute 192

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Shotokan Cyclist said...

Knobbly tyres on tarmac is rarely fun, but the route was never boring and the scenery often breathtaking. Cheers, Gary!