Sunday, 8 March 2015

long day out

It probably wasn't the brightest idea to use the fat bike on a very very windy day like today, It's not often that you have to pedal to actually move the bike downhill but without doing so I'd have come to a complete stop. The original plan was to ride down to Worcester and then back again in a big loop but I just couldn't face 30+ miles of headwind. I tok the canal to Hanbury and then Droitwich, popped to see if "the missing link" bike shop was open, but as usual when i turn up it was shut. Ive never managed to see beyond looking through the window!
Then back via the steeper timberhonger route to Bromsgrove and the final pull up to the top of the lickeys where i stuffed a sausage sandwich into my face as a reward for all the downhill and uphill climbing!
ride 22
30  miles
total 352
commute 154

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