Monday, 1 September 2014

blast from the past

Despite all the bravado and tryng to big up the area the NWAlps is no World cup downhill venue and you really don't need a long travel race bred down hill bike to ride here. You don't see many of the bikes that suit the extreme end of the sport so it was a surprize to see an Intense M1 DH bike at the cafe! This is a race proven and winning design from the late 90's early 2k era and if i recall correctly around 9" of travel. Total over kill for the area but it was being ridden and enjoyed so why not! It looked well looked after and all the period parts are there, It was worth a fortune when new and I wonder how much it's worth now as a collectors item?
Ride 125
10 miles
Total 2515
commute 523

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