Monday, 25 August 2014

the Itchy blanket ride

What is the best way to recover from a long ride? why go for another long ride of course!. Charlotte and I had tried this route before and got a bit lost If I'm honest, so armed with an old fashion map (no gps!) we followed route 45 and 46 from home via Droitwich to Worcester and back by a different route. we dodged showers, had lunch on the canal, watched kayak racing and had the lanes to ourselves for most or the ride. We used natural shelter from the heavy downpours, trees and private bike shelters and nearly home we got caught in the heaviest shower of the lot. Luckily it happened right outside a pub! they let us wheel the bikes through and onto the canal side area where Charlotte made full use of the welsh recycled wool blankets to keep warm. after a recovery drink and a pause while the shower blew over we carried on. I don't think 50 miles today helped my legs recover but despite sore legs it was a great day out
Ride 124
50 miles
Total 2505
commute 523

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