Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dead Centre

I've always been fascinated by Victorian Gothic and grave yards such as Highgate in London and we'd heard there was a similar cemetary at Brandwood. This was an even better prospect as we could ride most of the way there off road using the canal system. It was however a tremendously windy day and this because of the open nature of the route very strenuous and because the first 2/3 is pan flat meant a lot of pedalling. Sounds easy but when you have up hills you also get down hills where you can coast and recover.
The cemetery wasn't up to Highgate standard sadly but did make a good spot to stop and have a snack. we then rejoined the canal for the final leg, now completely into the wind and by the end we were both pretty tired and very glad to see the climb of weatheroak hill which meant we we close to home
Ride 116
26 miles
Total 2289
commute 523

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