Sunday, 19 December 2010

snow singletrack

snow singletrack
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about 12" of snow fell in places yesterday with blizzard condtions so today when i woke up to clear skies i was determined to get out and ride. Roads were awful and it was difficult to ride in a straight line and keep momentum, but once in the woods it was great, ploughing through virgin snow and carving turns, bitterly cold out so the hipflask was deployed and although the ride was only 5 miles, pedalling through the snow made it feel like a lot further
ride 123
5 miles
total 1570


Trevor Woodford said...

If we are going to get this sort of weather more often in the future -I think that I will have to get a bike like yours - skinny tyres just don't cut it in this weather....!!

Rocketdog said...

I was thinking I need a proper fat tyre bike like a surly pugsly or a mukLuk

coastkid said...

Snow riding is great,on any bike!,
my mates made it out on Sunday and loved it, though they had a 4" packed trail to follow -:)