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 Judy at  WWW.BEERBABE.CO.UK runs an innovative website selling things you never thought you'd need until you actually have them and realise what a good idea they are, with the added bonus of being made of recycled ("upcycled") materials.
I bought one of Judy's phone covers, it was specially made to fit my phone and made entirely of recycled bike inner tubes, making it waterproof, sweatproof and protecting it from knocks and scratches and 5 months on it's still going strong. The added bonus is that if it ever tears i can patch it with a inner tube repair kit!
I've always disliked the idea of using a back pack whilst riding and i saw that Judy had done a few bike specific top tube bags so i sent her some measurements and within a couple of days a prototype bag was born
running a full suspension bike means that there isn't a lot of room inside the front triangle with the rear shock and a bottle and cage ( remember I'm trying not to use a back pack) but the pack from BeerBabe fitted perfectly. i also got Judy to make a bag to go on the top tube for extra carrying capacity
 i was able to fit two tubes, two energy bars, a compact camera, a gps device and a multi tool in the bags. The first test was the trip to Wales and the challenging weather that we encountered. I have to say and this is a real compliment, that i never noticed the bags at any time when riding, they were completely unobtrusive, there were no attachment issues, once the velcro fastenings were set they didn't move, even when attached to the bike on the top of the car at motorway speeds travelling between rides. The weather on the weekend was about as wet as it could get and with gusting 40mph winds but despite this the contents of the bags remained perfectly dry. The zippers used are very MTB glove friendly too allowing on the move use without the hazard of falling off! These bags are really good, perfect in use and with the added warm glow benefit of being made of recycled tubes, If you even ask nicely Judy can make the tubes 26"/29" specific!
If you have a complicated frame design or a standard diamond frame hard tail Judy can make something for you, I'm planning a frame bag for @charlotteTCR's road bike next.
Recommended, have a look at the website and get in touch with Judy, she loves new ideas and her sewing machine loves a challenge, she's also very into riding especially Fat bikes

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This looks good, how much was it and how is keeping up after some use?