Rad8 MTB sunglasses

I was very lucky to be chosen as a tester for a new eyewear company called Rad8MTB sunglasses. A quick disclaimer, these designed with cyclists in mind shades were sent to me free of charge as part of the companies ambassador program. I vowed at the start to give a frank and honest review even if some of it was negative. The guys at Rad8 were happy with this as feedback is exactly what you need with a new product.
 The first test for any eyewear for me is how they sit on my face, i can't stand sunglasses when the bottom of the lens touches your face, that's an instant never wear again decision for me, both the 502 and 504 model of Rad8 pass this test. the 502 is a more traditional design for cycling
they look light and that's because they are, once they sit on your nose and ears you can't tell they are there. I've tried the photochromic lens versions of these and they are superb. they go as clear as the ones in the picture in low light conditions and as you can see in the other picture plenty dark enough for direct sunlight.
I also have the fixed tint versions to try, but as we are coming out of winter into spring unfortunately we just haven't had the brightness to warrant them so far.

The sunglasses also come with an antifog coating. this is especially useful for the mountain biker. there is a lot less air movement when climbing in the woods , no airflow to keep sunglasses from steaming up from body heat meeting cold air on your lenses. this is one of my personal hates about wearing eye wear, i need it to not only shade my eyes but also to protect them from sharp foliage whipping past my head
and to stop mud and stones from flicking up from the front wheel into my eyes and disturbing my vision and at worst damaging my eyes. when my normal lenses steam up i end up removing them to be able to see where i'm going, not ideal in this environment of flying debris and insects.
so i'm very glad to report that the Rad8 anti fog coating really works, it does't stop the fogging entirely but it does a great job. I'd say i get 90% less fogging them my usual eye wear. the other top feature is that if they do fog they clear at a much faster rate than any other pair of glasses i've worn
the other model I've been wearing are the 504s, these look like a more leisure design but i can say with hand on my heart these are by far and away my favourite of all the Rad8 designs i've worn. they are so comfortable, i thought the 502s were comfy but these are supreme. once on i genuinely forget they are there, no pressure on the side of my head from the arms digging in, no slippage on the nose even under extreme prolonged effort and sweating. and the photochromic version in my opinion is the perfect lens for UK conditions. they react quickly for in and out of wooded situations have a bigger coverage of the eye that lets nothing past it and still pass the don't touch my face test!
I've ridden 100k on a road bike with these too and even in the more extreme road riding position my vision wasn't compromised by the full frame design.
these are my go to eyewear for every ride. the fact the look cool to is an added bonus.
At the start of this review i said i'd give a true account of these sunglasses even if they were negative. 100% honesty here, it's been hard to find anything negative to say. the only thing i can say that other people have said is "do the frames come in other colours" well to my knowledge so far they only come in blue. hardly a negative if you are just looking for performance. other than that there's nothing i can find fault with. If Rad8 were to take these sunglasses back (especially the 504s) I'd happily pay full retail price for a pair, they are that good.

you can find all the Rad8 products here http://www.rad8.co.uk/ and maybe even apply to be an amassador your self.


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