Why the long sleeves? a Morvelo MTB jersey review

I like Morvelo stuff, I own road jerseys and arm warmers from their range and they are very good so I was intrigued to try their mountain bike jersey.
Morvel is a poor man's Rapha really, but more garish and a hell of a lot cheaper so that's no bad thing in my book so it wasn't a surprise to find the jersey was good quality and well made and quite subtly coloured, there are many other designs, some louder than others but all share the same cut and design. there's a pocket at the back, reinforced shoulders if you use a back pack (i don't) and long sleeves. The material is very breathable and my fears of it being too hot it was perfect for the current Autumn conditions and would be the same for spring and even a cool summers day.
I have to admit I'm not a fan of long sleeve jerseys normally, I prefer short sleeves and arm warmers so it's easy to regulate the heat build up by removing or putting them on, with sleeves they are there and that's it. So i began the ride bu trying to pull the sleeves up, which was the first problem, the
sleeves are not tight but they are too narrow to pull over the elbow without that awful snapping sound as cotton stretches and snaps and I don't have well muscled arms by any means. This jersey is promoted as a trail riding jersey and anyone wanting to put arm and elbow pads under them is going to be putting them over the top of the material or leaving them at home.
So far so good then, once pulled over the elbow the sleeves are comfy and so is the jersey, not too tight but not flappy either. I was wearing just a base layer underneath and until the sun  set and the chill set in they were fine. the sleeves are made of the same material as the body though, so although i pulled (struggled to get them down my scrawny arms) them down they wear quite chilly riding along with only them covering my skin.

So in conclusion, the body of the jersey is great, It doesn't have a zip at the front but loses nothing because of this dues to the breathability of the fabric, it's a great cut and fits the image of mountain
biking perfectly, just enough flash without being Euro-flouro roadie but the sleeves don't work for me, If they could be more stretchy to be able to be pushed up more easily and a bit thicker, or a less breathable material to keep the arms warmer  i'd give it 100% thumbs up

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