Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Spring is here..oh,...wait

temperatures of 12.5 degrees Celsius greeted todays ride, i was aiming for 100k and achieved it quite easily, which surprised me after all the days iff the bike. in fact all the Strava PRs were in the last 15 miles so i must have been doing something right. what i didn't do right probably was eating, turns out this was a food free ride with just a piece of toast before i set off. i did make sure i drank plenty of fluids though. looks like a proper century coulkd be on the cards.
and the "....wait" bit in the title? well the day after we reverted to winter and had 4ft drifts of snow over the following few days scuppering any long distance riding plans i  might have had
Ride 13
62 miles
Total 336

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