Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bourneville Food Festival

Russ and I pedalled to the Bournevill Food Festival at Rowhill Pavillion today. I've been to a few of these type of things and you usually find a large area full of varied home made foods and drinks encompasing all the food groups, real ales and ciders. However this wasn't the case today, there were about 6 street food vendors, a stall selling whisky, one for wine, cheese and an indoor bar and that was it, all very well done and organised but maybe I've been spoiled by the Alcester and the Leamington festivals so i felt a little disappointed by the turnout. We had a pulled pork burger which was very nice but after eating it there wasn't a lot to do or see so we rejoined the canal and rode into Birmingham for a beer. Despite a long wait to be served (the barman was using his phone, not very successfully to add up someone else's bill and kept deleting it and starting again) the Davenport's Birmingham Bitter  was excellent. It wasn't until we turned for home that we realised why it had been so pleasant a roll into the city, the wind had been behind us then and now we were forcing our way into it and it was tough going. my legs after the weeks activities and riding yesterday were pretty wasted byt he time i got home.
ride 38
26 miles
total 849

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