Sunday, 10 January 2016

the Waltonberg

Russ battles the 23% section
 Somehow I've managed to enter my first sportive race in May, the race is "the tour of the Black country" a race that has some 19 sections of mild off road and more technical cobbled sections. The toughest of these is the "Waltonberg" a climb in the Clent hills. embarrassingly I didn't know of it's existence and todays recce ride was the first time I've ever ridden it. the steepest part is 23% and it's very rough. the conditions today make it harder, very greasy, there's no chance you can stand up and pedal as the back wheel just slips and starting off again after stopping to take the picture resulted in inadvertent wheelies! it certain will be a challenge on a road bike and I hope it's a bit drier in May!
ride 3
33 miles
total 71
commute 54

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