Friday, 24 July 2015

a quick 4 mile, 10 mile ride in pants

It was only supposed to be a quick ride from Aberaeron  to the house at Llanerchaeron along a tree lined disused railway track with the intention of indulging at the house tea room, but when we got there we found we couldn't use the facilities without paying the entrance fee to the house. So we carried on as the little lane past the house looked inviting. we got to the crossroads and spotted a cycle route sign. It would have been rude not to try it! However the little there and back 4 mile pootle then turned into 10 miles with 2000ft of climbing, thats a lot of height won and lost in a short circuit in the heat of midday. especially as we were dressed for a short ride, no lycra, no chamois just shorts and underwear! not the most comfortable i've ever been on a bike but the views from the various summits were spectacular overlooking cardigan bay, there were a couple of false summits and then a mega fast descent back into Aberaeron where we recoved on the beach
ride 95
10 miles
total 1683
commute 366

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