Sunday, 28 June 2015

a ride after 42 miles on a fat bike and a night on the beers was never going to be all sweetness and light and this one ran true to form. I was probably dehydrated, more from the ride than the alcohol and my legs were protesting on the climbs. I decided to just use this ride as a recovery session, easy pedalling out for lunch. It was marred somewhat by getting a puncture but at least the surroundings were good to find the thorn and swap a tube. my exercise for the day was probably the pumping i had to do to get the tyre to seat on the rim. After the swap I carried on to the lunch stop but didn't want to stray too far with no spare tube so looped around not far from home and eventually sheltered from the rain at the club, had a pint and fixed the tube. Once again, there are worse places to fix a tube
ride 84
8 miles
total 1457
commute 324

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