Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fat bike V full suspension

another ride on a skinnier wheel has once again shown me how flattering a fatbike is. On tonights ride i was having to think more about how i tackled the trails, trails that are very familiar to me needed careful riding to carry speed and avoid the rootiest, muddiest and rockiest parts on a hardtail MTB with a 29+ front tyre and a 2.4" rear. on the fatty I'd just be bowling over over these features and ploughing into the thickest mud without worrying about the outcome, very similar (maybe not the mud bit) to riding a full suspension bike but with a slight weight penalty. It's sort of turned me off normal hardtail MTBs but is making me look forward to riding the FS bike again. In the back of my mind though is the nagging feeling that I'm losing the basic skills by using these easier options
ride 27
13  miles
total 439
commute 154

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