Monday, 29 December 2014

the Fat is back

As you might remember I had some issues with the fat bike rear wheel being pulled out of the drop out under power. After some internet research and a chat with the designer Brant Richards, it turns out this is a common  fault and is down to the quick release. The end caps were just not biting and gripping. A different QR would cure it. However, i was in negotiation with someone over another, wider, lighter set of wheels and managed to get them for a good price. After a bit of a nightmare with the courier they finally turned up and i was able to swap tyres, cassette and rotors to them and finally get the fatty back onto the trails.
The new wheels are great (they also have Hopetech QR's) and the have stayed where they should be since i fitted them.
Ride 171
11 miles
Total 3338
commute 938

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