Saturday, 1 November 2014

The wrong jacket

I usually look at BBC weather on my phone for a weather forecast as in the past they have been very accurate, sometimes predicting rain to the minute. Trusting them i dress accordingly. Today they forecast heavy rain for 5pm. I started the ride at 4:45 and put on a soft shell jacket to counter the coming deluge. It started to spit with rain as i left the house and, less than half a mile further stopped and never rained again the whole ride meanwhile i slowly cooked inside the jacket, even with all the vents and the zip fully open.
There was a distraction though as i came across a narrow boat that had blocked the canal, whether it had slipped its mooring or someone had deliberately done it (it was situated 50 metres from a pub) it was hard to tell, there was no one aboard and it'd pose someone a challenge if they came across it.
So slowly sweating in my own juices I got home. It didn't rain all night or the next day!
Ride 151
16 miles
Total 3063
commute 794

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