Thursday, 13 November 2014

problems at the end of the rainbow

so, I've ridden, through leaves, through deep loam, through rotting brambles, over shipping pallets, axle deep clay, across a stream, on tarmac, over the 3 biggest hills in the area, down scary rooty descents and the draggiest off camber grass imaginable. All in order to get a treat at Clent cafe. I even sprinted the 4" tyred behemoth the last 1/4 mile uphill into the car park, the attendant chuckiling at my massive rubber, but i didn't care, i was getting a cuppa, a cake, maybe a bacon sarnie.....or rather i wasn't, the cafe was closed for refurbishment. ARSE!, the only choice was to carry on, through more bogs, logs, holes and loose pebbles smeared with horse shit. the only highlight the round of applause i got from 2 walkers for cleaning the shitty pebbled climb.
that was a tough ride, with little reward.......IT WAS FLIPPING ACE!!
Ride 156
22 miles
Total 3166
commute 866

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