Saturday, 11 October 2014

time to light up

First ride this season I've needed to take proper off road capable lights with me. It's now really Autumn as the leaves are now wet and turning a deep red, the dry crispy leaves are a distant memory, there's still a decent amount of grip but i can't see that lasting with more heavy rain forecast. Tonight in the woods the air was still and there was a distinct aroma of decay as all that orgamic matter begins to break down in the warm damp conditions. The creature really loving it tough are the midges, there were clouds and clouds of them, most of the ride all i could hear was their little bodies hitting my sunglasses and I was constantly brushing them off my chest and arms, I'm feeling itchy just typing this. amazingly though i got home bite free!
Ride 146
13 miles
Total 2970
commute 722

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