Sunday, 20 July 2014

squeak, clank, squeek

An overcast morning saw us riding the Timberhonger route. Still smarting from damaged ribs I deliberately planned a route without much climbing so easy the strain on the ribs when climbing and pulling on the bars. However i also decided to attempt the entire route in one gear. This meant lotys of momentum for the short rides and manic spinning on the flat bits, more singlespeed training i guess. We were also trying to diagnose the annoying creak on Charlotte's bike. the bottom bracket had been checked, as were the cranks, freewheel, spokes and any bolt that could come loose. We swapped wheels to see if we could narrow it down and eliminate the wheel and of course no creak when it was on my bike! So in the end I think it might just be the rear QR which did seem devoid of grease and was squeeky off the bike, so QR swapped we'll see on the next ride if it was that
Ride 105
24 miles
Total 2076
commute 523

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