Thursday, 3 April 2014

riding the Sahara

"the old and disabled should avoid physical exercise in the outside air" was the warning |I heard today from the media, or words to that effect. Wind in an unusual direction was the culprit, bringing a large part of the Sahara with it. After rain showers, all cars were left with a dusting of light brown sand.
Now I'm not disabled and although I'm getting on a bit I don't consider myself an O.A.P. yet but even I thought twice about riding and getting a lung lining of silicate particles. Then i thought that in the summer I've ridden through a lot more dusty conditions especially in races where I've ridden through clouds of the stuff so I thought I'd risk it. In the event the rain was more of a hindrance than the air. Now, if we could have some Saharan heat along with dunes falling from the sky things would be great
ride 41
14 miles
total 672
commute 273

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