Sunday, 29 July 2012

the did he, didn't he ride

after having no energy to ride this morning what would be the worse thing to do to recover? go for a hilly off road ride of course! seeing as the woods have dried up a bit we decided to brave it. it was well worth it as most of the trails were lovely and dry, the few gloopy bits didn't distract from the ride either. we tried a bit of exploring trying to fine the steepest downhill with the most amount of drops on it, we came across the above drop after a sharp descent from the ridgeline, it'd take a lot of commitment to do the drop and rolling it just wasn't an option, i have to say it was beyond my current skill set (and probably always will be!) as the ground drops away sharply after the tree and there's not much run out either. we had been out a couple of hours, not done a great deal of miles but did a fair bit of climbing. things i have learnt from todays ride, i need to put my flat pedals back on if we are going to be doing drops and chutes and i'm not as confident on spds and i also need to be less predictable as i got a txt from "C" asking which pub we had ended up in, i was finishing my pint as it arrived :-)
ride 109
12 miles
total 1986
commute 530
#turbolejog143-12=131 remaining

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