Monday, 21 November 2011

Foggy, Clegg and Compo go for a ride

the second ride of today, conditions had improved slightly by the 14:30 start but would deteriorate rapidly by the finish. this ride was MTB and the Lickeys didn't disappoint, it was very moist, very slick and tricky. wearing eye protection was pretty useless as the moisture was condensing on the outside of the lenses constantly. the corners were very drifty and the leaf litter hiding lots of greasy slimey off camber roots, all in all great fun! the three of us bimbled around in our usual way chatting on the uphill bits and "ripping" the downhill and technical bits and at one such uphill chinwag Matt remarked it was like an episode of Last of the Summer Wine, thankfully Nora Batty didn't make an appearance.
ride 134
11 miles
total 2202
commute 1002
total+commute 3204

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