Saturday, 8 January 2011

the sun, in January ??? ride

yes, sunshine! 7 degrees! not to be missed! a wider tour today taking in some of the old haunts and a 1 year olds birthday party (wasn't really expecting that one!). lots of mud after the thaw and torrential rain of the last few days, but great to be out in the sun, even if it was a bit weak, every tree and bush seems to have buds on them too, too son to be thinking about spring i know but we are heading the right way :-)
ride 3
16 miles
total 33


kate said...

i still can't believe all of yesterday's snow has gone :( i want more winter yet.

great pic btw

Rocketdog said...

nooo, i want sun and dust now

good luck with the puffer!

Trevor Woodford said...

As you say we are 'heading the right way'.
For my kind of riding sun and dust would be best.

coastkid said...

Great pic!, no snow here on the coast but were sure to get more!