Saturday, 1 January 2011


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so, ride one for 2011, taken in the very early hours of the new year. this year may be different as i now live close enough to work to be able to commute by bike, but i think that mileage willbe recorded seperately to the general riding about mileage and it won't get a pic for every ride as it'll be a bit boring
so here goes....a-pic-a-ride 2011
ride 1
4 miles (split with 2010 before/after midnight)
total 4 miles


kate said...

great stuff rd :) long's your new commute gonna be?

Rocketdog said...

cheers Kate, commute will be 18 miles a day

coastkid said...

Happy New Year!
all the best!

Rocketdog said...

to you too Bruce