Tuesday, 28 December 2010

the misty slushy ride

the misty slushy ride
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riding on dry dusty trails is awesome, wet muddy trails are fun, snowy icy trails are challenging but slush is just grim, no traction for up hill and the front just digs in with any sort of direction change, just rubbish! the thaw has started. i'm hoping it's quick and we get back to mud and slick roots
i was supposed to be riding with a buddy but he managed to damage his knee putting the bins out so cancelled :-S
it was quite spooky in the woods in the fog though, this maybe the last ride this year unless i can get a night ride in before the weekend....fingers crossed!
ride 125
5 miles
total 1583

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coastkid said...

Agree on the slush,yesterday riding with friends the rear spun out on my fatbike on climbs while mates front ends went all over the place at times...
roll on the end of the thaw or a big dump of powder again!