Saturday, 13 November 2010

canal panda

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after last weeks disappointing below par performance i didn't ride all week, but fancied a little plod around today and while not at my best (only riding on breakfast eaten 5 hours before and the effect of last nights real ale might have had an effect) it was much improved. had to dodge Motor crossers on the towpath (so that's why they are so cut up!, idiots) and nearly ended up in the water at one point due do dramatic mud endused oversteer (no dabs though! ;-) ) it was all good fun and i didn't feel so drained by the end, may have gone further but lack of lights and the setting sun meant i had to head for home.

Still, reached 1500 miles for this year so far! whoop!
ride 115
15 miles
total 1500


simondbarnes said...

Woohoo indeed, well done on the 1500 miles :)

Rocketdog said...

cheers Simon