Thursday, 9 September 2010

view of the bars

view of the bars
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taking advantage of the weather i knew i had to go for a ride tonight, but i feel very tired after last nights ride so told myself i'd just bimble round in recovery mode.....of course this lasted until the first hill and i just can't help trying to go up as fast as i can, this however doesn't seem to work with my current BBCC diet (no Beer,Biscuits,Chocolate or Cake) as i'm not replacing the energy in with anything else, so near the end of the ride i got quite wobbly legs and i was glad i was on the final home stretch, so i'm making myself have tomorrow off from riding to recouperate
ride 97
14 miles
total 1260


kate said...

hmmm, now how did you take that?

Rocketdog said...

Certainly got some funny looks attempting it :-)