Tuesday, 3 August 2010

soon to be gone

soon to be gone
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gone in a few days when the wheat is harvested and the field is ploughed (as the actual bridlepath is around the edge of the field) and in the winter it's just a claggy mess, the edge gets saturated and you start at the top clean and finish at the bottom totally brown!
this ride starts off quite flat but pedally but then the final 5 miles is all up hill, just what you need at the end, well at least you are warmed up!, i was passed by three guys on road bikes on one of the hills as i was chugging along, they pased me with ease, but then at the top 2 of them had stopped for a breather, i then passed a puzzled other member of the party who was surprised to see me before his buddies, i informed him they were sat at the top of the climb and he chuckled and called them light weights, couldn't have put it better myself really :-)
ride 80
17 miles
total 1046

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