Tuesday, 24 August 2010

365/236 24/8/10

365/236 24/8/10
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both the Singular and the roadbike are at the other house, so had to use the Trek tonight, it feels very weird for about half an hour going back to 26" wheels after exclusively riding 29" for about 6 months and the route had a lot of road in it, so i remember now why i hate FS bikes on the road, did push a bigger gear though, was running out of gear on the middle ring so was using the big ring, even up long grinds, very unusual for me. did the lickey loop finishing with some off road from The Beacon, wow!, the brakes work a lot better on this than on my Singular, funny how you get used to planning your braking well in advance, anyway i did a lot of late braking on this ride, a couple of hairy moments nearly flicking the rear tyre (summer tyres in mud!) off the trail over a drop to the road, also lost the front wheel on a turn but recovered it, steers different to the 29er!, cool ride though and pleased about the bigger gear
ride 89
11 miles
total 1158

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