Thursday, 17 June 2010

sunshine peleton

sunshine peleton
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i love exploring, just picking a direction and seeing where it goes, maybe you spot a gap in the hedge with a bit of trail the other side and go for it, most of the time it ends and peters out, but sometimes you discover a real gem. so with that in mind this was just that sought of ride, headed down the canal to see where it went and what i could find, just after this long strung out "peleton of riders i stumbled across The Offchurch Greenway a disused rail track that has been surfaced for walkers and cyclists, so followed my nose furtherand along the canal, found a few possiblities for future rides (more to come later in the blog) and managed to come off the canal to come back down the greenway in a loop, sunny but cold
ride 16
16 miles
total 165

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