Wednesday, 30 June 2010

shadow (now those ARE big wheels!)

umm'd and ah'd whether or not to ride tonight after walking around Weston on Avon this morning, but went at the last minute and decided to retrace yeaterday's route but check out a bit of singletrack that disappears into the trees just before "hill of death", turns out it's lovely with a stream crossing then a route over a couple of fields to a church and....the white lion pub!. so then looped back the the hill and through towards Milverton, cut into the estate and just followed my nose down some alley's behind the houses, looked well used but overgrown because of the time of year, then near the end a guy walks up the trail......and i know him from work! weird, didn't know he lived in this part of the world
ride 59
12 miles
total 718

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