Wednesday, 4 October 2017

lost in Worcestershire

Some of the best rides have no plan, they are off the cuff. You head in a general direction with a vague idea of where you are going and then adapt the route as you come across something interesting or a track or road you've not ridden before but heads in sort of but maybe not quite the right direction.
I rode back roads i'd ridden before. i pedalled along lanes i've never visited in my life time. i touched tarmac. mud, gravel and grass with only the fading light limiting my distance as i hadn't fitted a light on the front. it was pretty wet in places from the morning showers but a good set of mudguards from Mudhugger kept things comfy. i don't think i saw another cyclist all afternoon.
great ride that went nowhere really, just in a big circle of discovery
ride 67
50 miles
total 1475

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