Wednesday, 21 June 2017

the bicycle is an adaptable vehicle

I am in no way saying I'm competing with the bicycle riders of the world you see with heavily laden steeds riding on rough roads just to make enough money to eat, they do it because of necessity. I did it because i could and it seemed a waste to use the car to deliver my forks to the home of Wren in the Uk, namely Overspoke Cycles in Bewdley. 
So i strapped the forks securely to my frame and set off to pedal the most country lane route i could find to drop them off for a service. the weather was perfect and i made good time. I was quietly smug that I'd managed this errand by just using leg power. It was a relief though to be able to do the return leg without a 5.5lb fat bike fork attached to my bike. it certainly made the hills easier! i celebrated with a ham sarnie at Lizzies!
ride 41
55 miles
total 872

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