Monday, 27 February 2017

To be expected

I had a complete nightmare of a week since my last ride, the dreaded Norovirus struck and at times i didn't even have the energy to walk up and down the stairs. obviously at it's height i wasn't eating anything and afterwards I just lost my appetite. so a week long diet of nothing and dry crackers has radically effected my fitness. I may have lost 7lbs in weight in 4 days but that was mostly water and not fat so I'm still pedalling that flab around but with no fuel to power the pedalling. so i took it easy and tried not to get too unmotivated at the drop off in performance.
it was however great to be actually out on a bike again after a very long week. hopefully it's all behind me now and i can start to rebuild all that i've lost, not including the weight!
ride 14
22 miles
226  miles

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