Monday, 26 September 2016

hunting the scarecrow

8 of us met at the church and within 1 mile we were down to 6 but the hardcore hunters were ready for the trek into scarecrow country, between us we knew a route that would keep us under our prey's radar, keep us fed and with enough technicality to stay alert.
a round-a-bout route around waseley keeping hidden on an ancient stream bed brought us to the final climb to the top of clent. here. things got serious. every field we passed had the potential to contain an early warning scarecrow that could message ahead to the big gathering and tip them off of our approach. put we progressed well and even a slick water pipe trap that had been set for us failed to halt our progress but it did almost catch me out.
as we entered the village it was soon evident that the scarecrows were using human shields to confuse us, we had to carefully navigate this sea of humanity risking the use of bells to disperse them. then suddenly we were surrounded, the hunters had become the hunted!
we turned tail with only thoughts of survival in our minds, luckily Kris knew a secret way out of the village and we made our way across field egdes and loose muddy bridleways and eventually sightings of the enemy became fewer until we reached the border of their territory and safety.
ride 97
30 miles
total 2138

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