Sunday, 15 November 2015

lonely winter roads

Due to illness Dan couldn't ride, probably because of riding in the rain last weekend.  it was just me and i couldn't face riding in the mud and the amount of cleaning needed afterwards so i took the road bike out and well, i think I was the only person who ventured out into the high winds and threatening rain. That is apart from hoards of 4x4's who seemed to be driving around in convoys, i think there were a few shooting meets going on. It's kinda nice to ride alone sometimes, infact on the road i probably prefer it. there's no average speed to keep up, you are always on the front doing your turn and if you want to stop you can. I took in the scenery, kept a comfy pace and thoroughly enjoyed it
ride 144
27 miles
total 2555
commute 559

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Shotokan Cyclist said...

Agreed, sometimes a solo ride is what's required.
The bike is like medicine.