Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NWAlps meets WMMTB

I've known Stu for a few years, I was introduced to him by Matt. But as things turn out we haven't really ridden together for a long time. Stu has moved through all the biking genres, from Ht to FS to DH bike, he was always staunchly against road bikes but has recently completed the C2C by road bike. He's now embraced fat bikes and has a lovely carbon framed fatty.
The worst thing I did on the ride was pick uo Stu's fat bike and feel how light it is. It's definitely a game changer, all the benefits of a fat bike, the burliness, the grip and the grin enducing fun without any of the draw backs, namely the weight. I almost wish I hadn't picked it up...or had a ride on it.
We also tried a new cafe on today's ride and we were all very impressed with Lizzie's farm cafe, fantastic home made cakes, great coffee and very friendly staff, if you're ever in the NWAlps i recommend a vist
ride 131
18 miles
total 2334
commute 523

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