Monday, 28 April 2014

the near miss ride

playing about in the woods, as you do. Running back to the bike to get set for the timer on the camera etc and i hear the occasional knocking sound, must be an over enthusiastic woodpecker i thought. Change camera position, a bit more running and the knocking becomes a cracking, creaking sound that i can't quite pinpoint the origin of as behind me the trees are densely packed. Take a few "arty" shots of the bluebells and the creaking seems to have diminished, could it be forestry rangers working? doubtful on a saturday. Pack up the camera and ride off on the singletrack between the banks of flowers and as i turn behind the furthest tree in the picture there is an enormously loud crack and then smashing of branches followed by a huge thump that shook the ground, a tree not 10 feet from where i was standing had fallen. If i had ridden the other way down the trail i'd have been right under it!
Ride 57
23 miles
Total 1005
commute 326.

1 comment:

Shotokan Cyclist said...

Wait. Wut? That's terrible! You mean there's now a tree lying across the trail!?