Wednesday, 27 October 2010


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back in Scotland again, conditions different this time, -4! icy corners in the shade, warm in the sunshine. riding with a newbie is cool, watching them learn how to handle the corners, having them beat you when balancing on the skinnies!, trying to coach but in a non patronising way is very difficult, i hope i did ok. tailoring the route to match their fitness so as to not demoralise, then hoping for and geting a big grin after a swoopy downhill!
sunshine+superb trails+enthusiasm+soup and cake rewards=satisfaction and big grins
ride 111
11 miles
total 1426


coastkid said...

we were down GT last weekend and all agreed how we take it for granted living in Edinburgh/East Lothian and having all this in under an hours drive,we are spoiled in Scotland!
glad you enjoyed your time your up come on a Bikechain Pentland rideout,great crack and good trails!

Rocketdog said...

will be back up next April if everything goes to plan so i'll hold you to that invite