Monday, 27 September 2010

first ride

365/271 27/9/10
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it's new, i built it, it feels weird at first, then i ride it a bit more, i drop the height of the bars, i raise the height of the saddle, it feels better but not quite there, i move the shifter inboard, feels even better, ride a bit more, back feels squirmy funnily enough just after some joker on a narrowboat shouts that there's something wrong with the rear tyre, so i put some more air in, feels even better, i mess about, practice stoppies, wowza, the brakes work!, that's a novelty, try some hills, riser bars are an experience i've not had for a while, different but not bad, raise the saddle a bit more, that's it, i'm home, on the comfy sofa with the remote at hand...but it's a saddle and a handlebar.
ride 103
10 miles
total 1331

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kate said...

looks lovely and fast