Monday, 28 June 2010

1st puncture of the day

1st puncture of the day
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trip to the local bike shop today to get some proper inner tubes.....guess what the inevitable happens, the last of the cheap tubes rips a valve!, this time the only spare i have is for a 26" wheel, someone on singletrackworld reconed if stretched a 26" tube would fit in an emergency, as this was (about 3 mile walk from shop). so i stretched, fitted and inflated the tube in the tyre and carried on, OMG it was horrible! tyre flet like it was going to roll off the rim on every corner, not a good solution at all, but slowly made it to the shop. the guy there has a niner 29er so i got to look at that (not keen to be honest). bought 3 tubes and swapped one immediately, then carried on the ride over to tardibigge, over the tunell, through Barnt green, a little play on the Lickeys and then down the the beacon bridleway toward home....where...i got a puncture!!!!!, this time though it was a thorn, so i can accept that!, valve stayed intact :-)
ride 44
19 miles
total 533

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